I am sharing this testimonial from Nia Student and theologian, Teresa Mallott, to inspire and encourage anyone who feels frozen from the pain of grief and loss, that there is medicine for the heart and soul through movement. I applaud Teresa’s insight and wisdom, after more than a month of grieving the loss of her mother, of recognizing patterns that freeze her up emotionally, and having the courage to step out the door, and step in to this powerfully therapeutic movement experience called, Nia Moving to Heal.

THIS is what COURAGE + HEALING looks like:

“This morning I returned to my Nia Moving to Heal class. It was my first time back since Dec 26. It was good to be back. To be embraced in a space that allows me the freedom to be however I am and to do whatever feels right.

My habitual tendency when experiencing intense emotions is to hunker down and to move as little as possible. For when I engage physical movement, I am even more aware of my feelings than when I am still. So it was a big step for me to step out on the dance floor this morning. It was an experience of feeling and knowing I am here and I am alive. This brought a mixture of emotions as my grief surfaced in the midst of this knowing.

I worked gently with myself throughout the experience, giving my body, my mind, and my spirit the space needed to just “be with it – to be with me.” And at the end of class, I was blessed by this song. A song of gratitude from me to me, from me to all that is beyond me, that is supporting me. And now it is a song from me to my wonderful teacher, Jule, and my fellow Moving to Heal artists. Thank you for being part of my returning and turning to life from a new space. Thank you body, mind, and spirit – I am healing.”     –Teresa Mallott. Connect with Teresa: https://www.facebook.com/teresa.mallott



thank you, Teresa, for this beautiful dedication of Sinnéad O’Connor’s, Thank You for Hearing Me. I am touched and honored.


Nia Moving to Heal is ‘Movement as Medicine’ and is for anybody seeking a gentler movement practice to compliment and facilitate healing of body, mind, emotions, and spirit. “Healing” as defined by Nia is defined simply by “I feel better.” Students learn how to personalize movement to adapt to their comfort and health needs. Chairs are even made available for students to utilize for maximum stability, pleasure, and comfort. learn more about The Nia Technique + Nia Moving to Heal Training at http://www.nianow.com.


Nia + Wanderlust : reblogged from NiaNow.com

We love music festivals, the feel, the air, the community and the experience…

Come 'move. Be Moved. BE.' with me in beautiful Snowmass Village at WANDERLUST!

Jule brings ‘The Yoga of Nia’ to Wanderlust!

Add yoga and you have Wanderlust, the popular international yoga festival filled with community, music and now Nia!

This summer, Jule Aguirre, a Nia Trainer and mind-body practitioner of 28 years, will bring Nia to Wanderlust Aspen. Yoga and Nia are complementary in-body movement practices that invigorate, cleanse, balance, center and heal. Nia brings a unique element of self expression through dance and martial arts dynamics.

Aguirre, like many other Nia trainers and teachers, recognizes the indescribable joy of introducing Nia to new students. There is a special and exhilarating feeling that comes with the eye-opening sensation of participating in first-time Nia movements.

Aguirre named one of her upcoming Wanderlust classes after a routine set to an inspirational Moby song. Coincidentally, Moby was chosen as one of the musical acts to perform at Wanderlust this summer. Aguirre shared, “What synchronicity! I have visions of Moby dropping into my class, dancing Nia with me and all of the conscious-moving-Wanderlusters!”

Visiting the Colorado area this summer? Join Jule for a Nia class and check out Wanderlust; http://wanderlust.com/festivals/aspen-snowmass/

The Aspen-Snowmass Wanderlust Festival will be held from July 2-5.

Catch Jule’s Wanderlust classes:

Saturday, July 4th 8-9:30am

Sunday, July 5th 10-11:30am

Jule Aguirre shares her Nia joy of movement classes daily in Dallas, Texas.

Find her at juleinthelotus.com

insightful commentary on “loving your body” from fellow Nia Faculty Trainer, Allison Wright. Well, said, Allison! Now, will YOU accept the invitation to ‘drop in’ to sensation? …The entry point to “body love”.

Allison Wright's Blog

photoYou know that old adage that says if you want the right answer, you first have to ask the right question? Well just over a month ago, my Nia Trainer friend, Maria Skinner, called me up with just one of those questions.

“Do you think we really teach people how to love their body?”

We talked about it for a few minutes and shortly thereafter I found myself propelled into a several week conversation with my own body, a conversation that has sent me down the rabbit hole of sensation to rediscover and remember how I came to the place where I could authentically say, “I love my body.”

We use the phrase “Love Your Body” a lot in Nia marketing and classes. It’s on t-shirts, flyers, bumper stickers, and for a long time was the signature statement people saw on the website. And yet more often than not, the…

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What if the sky's the limit?!

What if the sky’s the limit?!

We are well into the new year and I want to check in with you!

What new desires, practices, choices, and actions are you igniting in your life?
What are you letting go of?
What words resonate with you for 2015?

Instead of resolutions (that notoriously fizzle), I have long chosen to find a word, yes, a single word, that sets the tone for my year. This year, my word is, SOAR! That’s right, SOAR…in all my realms (body, mind, emotions, + spirit), my life, my work, my relationships, and even SOAR with travel!

As I move through my year, SOAR will be my mantra…my mudra….my dance…it will be my talk…and my walk! I will filter my choices and actions through the sift, “does this (action/choice) resonate with my intention to SOAR?” If yes, BAM! Let’s do it! If it’s a ‘no’, ‘uhhh’, ‘I don’t know’, or ‘meh’…if it’s not ‘the wind beneath my wings’, it will be dropkicked out of my field of time + space.

I’m eager to hear from you! What tone have you set for your year? What do you want more of… less of…to SOAR in your body + life?

I have some offerings that may be a right fit for you kicking off the year with a self-loving BANG!

CHECK OUT my upcoming workshop
Awaken Your Body + Life with the Conscious Movement of Nia | 1/31 at MoveStudio
learn more

And SIGN ON for my next Nia Training in Dallas | Feb. 21-27
Learn more & register

How are you aware?

Advance your Evolution! My upcoming “Awaken Your Body + Life to the Conscious Movement of Nia” Workshop will highlight Nia’s methodologies of conditioning awareness! Saturday, 1/31 2:30pm at MoveStudio.

the biology of belief

“Awareness” is the primary trait offered by the nervous system.  The more evolutionarily advanced an organism is, the more awarenss it possesses.  Scientists generally consider the degree of “awareness” as the primary measure of evolution.  Humanity is on the verge of a dramatic increase in our “awareness.”  We will begin to become aware that each human being is the equivalent of a “cell” in the body of of a superorganism, Humanity.  Currently, humans are fighting each other, which is the same as when cells in the body attack other cells in the body.  When body cells fight each other, in medicine, we refer to the resulting illness as representing “autoimmune disease” (translates as “self-destruction”), where the body destroys itself from within.  The survival of humanity is now threatened by the equivalent of “autoimmune disease” since humans are killing each other.  When we become aware that we are all cells in…

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We’re gearing up for the next Nia White Belt Training in Dallas, July 13-19. Let me know….did I hit all of your questions in the blog? If not, just message me & I’ll answer any questions you have, clearing the way for YOU to step IN to this magnificent week dedicated to YOU!

by Jule Aguirre, M.Ed., LPC, NCC, Nia Black Belt Somatic Educator + Trainer

white belt 2 shrink 4x6

You may have seen it… flyers posted throughout the studio… or announcements posted on Twitter and Facebook over the last several months…

You may have wondered… ”what is this thing called Nia White Belt…and why do I want to become one?”

You may have heard it… announcements after Nia class of upcoming trainings or conversations with classmates who have said, “I’m a Nia White Belt!”

Great observations!  Great questions!  Now I am here to dispel any questions or misconceptions you may have about the Nia White Belt Training!

So, let’s begin with the beginning!  What is Nia?   (for those who have yet to step IN to your first Nia class experience).

Nia is the “Love Your Body Workout!”  A powerful, unique, and inspiring, cardiovascular-based movement practice that stimulates and conditions body, mind and spirit! …

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