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We love music festivals, the feel, the air, the community and the experience…

Come 'move. Be Moved. BE.' with me in beautiful Snowmass Village at WANDERLUST!

Jule brings ‘The Yoga of Nia’ to Wanderlust!

Add yoga and you have Wanderlust, the popular international yoga festival filled with community, music and now Nia!

This summer, Jule Aguirre, a Nia Trainer and mind-body practitioner of 28 years, will bring Nia to Wanderlust Aspen. Yoga and Nia are complementary in-body movement practices that invigorate, cleanse, balance, center and heal. Nia brings a unique element of self expression through dance and martial arts dynamics.

Aguirre, like many other Nia trainers and teachers, recognizes the indescribable joy of introducing Nia to new students. There is a special and exhilarating feeling that comes with the eye-opening sensation of participating in first-time Nia movements.

Aguirre named one of her upcoming Wanderlust classes after a routine set to an inspirational Moby song. Coincidentally, Moby was chosen as one of the musical acts to perform at Wanderlust this summer. Aguirre shared, “What synchronicity! I have visions of Moby dropping into my class, dancing Nia with me and all of the conscious-moving-Wanderlusters!”

Visiting the Colorado area this summer? Join Jule for a Nia class and check out Wanderlust; http://wanderlust.com/festivals/aspen-snowmass/

The Aspen-Snowmass Wanderlust Festival will be held from July 2-5.

Catch Jule’s Wanderlust classes:

Saturday, July 4th 8-9:30am

Sunday, July 5th 10-11:30am

Jule Aguirre shares her Nia joy of movement classes daily in Dallas, Texas.

Find her at juleinthelotus.com


insightful commentary on “loving your body” from fellow Nia Faculty Trainer, Allison Wright. Well, said, Allison! Now, will YOU accept the invitation to ‘drop in’ to sensation? …The entry point to “body love”.

Originally posted on allisonwrightsblog:

photoYou know that old adage that says if you want the right answer, you first have to ask the right question? Well just over a month ago, my Nia Trainer friend, Maria Skinner, called me up with just one of those questions.

“Do you think we really teach people how to love their body?”

We talked about it for a few minutes and shortly thereafter I found myself propelled into a several week conversation with my own body, a conversation that has sent me down the rabbit hole of sensation to rediscover and remember how I came to the place where I could authentically say, “I love my body.”

We use the phrase “Love Your Body” a lot in Nia marketing and classes. It’s on t-shirts, flyers, bumper stickers, and for a long time was the signature statement people saw on the website. And yet more often than not, the…

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What if the sky's the limit?!

What if the sky’s the limit?!

We are well into the new year and I want to check in with you!

What new desires, practices, choices, and actions are you igniting in your life?
What are you letting go of?
What words resonate with you for 2015?

Instead of resolutions (that notoriously fizzle), I have long chosen to find a word, yes, a single word, that sets the tone for my year. This year, my word is, SOAR! That’s right, SOAR…in all my realms (body, mind, emotions, + spirit), my life, my work, my relationships, and even SOAR with travel!

As I move through my year, SOAR will be my mantra…my mudra….my dance…it will be my talk…and my walk! I will filter my choices and actions through the sift, “does this (action/choice) resonate with my intention to SOAR?” If yes, BAM! Let’s do it! If it’s a ‘no’, ‘uhhh’, ‘I don’t know’, or ‘meh’…if it’s not ‘the wind beneath my wings’, it will be dropkicked out of my field of time + space.

I’m eager to hear from you! What tone have you set for your year? What do you want more of… less of…to SOAR in your body + life?

I have some offerings that may be a right fit for you kicking off the year with a self-loving BANG!

CHECK OUT my upcoming workshop
Awaken Your Body + Life with the Conscious Movement of Nia | 1/31 at MoveStudio
learn more

And SIGN ON for my next Nia Training in Dallas | Feb. 21-27
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How are you aware?


Advance your Evolution! My upcoming “Awaken Your Body + Life to the Conscious Movement of Nia” Workshop will highlight Nia’s methodologies of conditioning awareness! Saturday, 1/31 2:30pm at MoveStudio.

Originally posted on the biology of belief:

“Awareness” is the primary trait offered by the nervous system.  The more evolutionarily advanced an organism is, the more awarenss it possesses.  Scientists generally consider the degree of “awareness” as the primary measure of evolution.  Humanity is on the verge of a dramatic increase in our “awareness.”  We will begin to become aware that each human being is the equivalent of a “cell” in the body of of a superorganism, Humanity.  Currently, humans are fighting each other, which is the same as when cells in the body attack other cells in the body.  When body cells fight each other, in medicine, we refer to the resulting illness as representing “autoimmune disease” (translates as “self-destruction”), where the body destroys itself from within.  The survival of humanity is now threatened by the equivalent of “autoimmune disease” since humans are killing each other.  When we become aware that we are all cells in…

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We’re gearing up for the next Nia White Belt Training in Dallas, July 13-19. Let me know….did I hit all of your questions in the blog? If not, just message me & I’ll answer any questions you have, clearing the way for YOU to step IN to this magnificent week dedicated to YOU!

Originally posted on :

by Jule Aguirre, M.Ed., LPC, NCC, Nia Black Belt Somatic Educator + Trainer

white belt 2 shrink 4x6

You may have seen it… flyers posted throughout the studio… or announcements posted on Twitter and Facebook over the last several months…

You may have wondered… ”what is this thing called Nia White Belt…and why do I want to become one?”

You may have heard it… announcements after Nia class of upcoming trainings or conversations with classmates who have said, “I’m a Nia White Belt!”

Great observations!  Great questions!  Now I am here to dispel any questions or misconceptions you may have about the Nia White Belt Training!

So, let’s begin with the beginning!  What is Nia?   (for those who have yet to step IN to your first Nia class experience).

Nia is the “Love Your Body Workout!”  A powerful, unique, and inspiring, cardiovascular-based movement practice that stimulates and conditions body, mind and spirit! …

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Over the last several months, we have explored Nia Technique as a movement and life practice that conditions the body, amplifying cardiovascular conditioning, building strength, flexibility, mobility, stability, and agility for optimal health and wellness at ALL ages and fitness levels!  We explored how Nia conditions the mind and it’s ability to go from “Monkey Mind to SUPER Brain” through engaging conscious awareness, imagination, creativity, directed focus, neurological cross-patterning and mind/body synchronized movement that delivers balance to both the physical brain and the conscious mind.  We even tapped in to Nia’s way of using emotional expression to take your fitness to the next level.  But one of the (many) things that makes Nia Technique truly extraordinary, is it’s appreciation of the individuality of each and every participant who steps into the Nia Class.  Every person in the room is ‘unique’!  Just like a snowflake, no two are alike!  Each, with gifts, talents, and ways of BE-ing, that are only inhabitable by that one, unique individual!  Nia ignites a call to the spirit of each participant, to be unfolded, let out, revealed in it’s uniqueness, pure potential, and ‘greatness’.   
When considering the word, “spirit”, depending on one’s frame of reference, it would  be easy to jump to the conclusion that Nia is “woo-woo”,  wondering, “is this some kind of new-agey-metaphysical-spiritual practice?”  No!  It’s much simpler than that!
TheFreeDictionary.com defines ‘spirit’ as:  
  1. The vital principle or animating force within living beings.
  2. Incorporeal consciousness. 
  3. The essential nature of a person or group.
YES!…not woo-woo at all!  Essentially, spirit defined as “life-force”.
Nia defines spirit simply as, “uniqueness”.  The spirit/life force that resides in each of us is Unique, like no other, one-of-a-kind!  Spirit is the elemental energy that allows you to be you!  And when you connect to your spirit, that in you which is unique, there is a sense of intimacy, meaning, and purpose that allows you to feel existentially YOU….whole and complete.  How you move, how you express yourself, how you exert your own personality in the class is how you “do YOU”!   Now IMAGINE it!  A room full of people, each honoring, moving, and expressing their unique light!  A room full of people moving in their own way…in their own time…radiating their uniqueness!  Well, imagine no more!  Just get yourself to a Nia Class, STAT, and experience for yourself, how Nia Technique is the vanguard fitness practice that acknowledges, engages, and ‘conditions‘, not only your body and mind, but your Spirit, as well!

So many in our society (and fitness classes) are striving to ‘fit in’, or pushed toward conformity…but Nia invites us to ‘stand out’, shine our light, and radiate our essence self…because, out of all the humans who have ever lived…or who will ever live in the future, there is NO ONE like YOU!  Like Bono, from U2, says in the song, Original of the Species, “YOU are the ONLY ONE of your kind!”  I say, “Behave accordingly! (especially on the dance floor!)”.   


5 Ways to Cultivate Your Spirit with Nia:
  1. Recognize your uniqueness!!  Make a list of all the ways you are unique!  Noting, what makes you, YOU?!!   Include everything…no matter how big or small!  All that matters is “uniqueness”!
  2. Say goodbye to ‘cookie-cutter’ methods of living/moving/BEing!  Say hello to your unique radiance!  You, doing YOU…in YOUR own way…and in YOUR own time. 
  3. Find the courage to ADORE all that is unique within you!  Have the courage to live, move, and BE, without analyzing, criticizing or judging yourself!  Just BE! 
  4. Find opportunities to experience community!  (you will find it every time in a Nia Class!)  Uniqueness is best explored in the environment of community!
  5. Become ‘spellbound’ with the uniqueness of every thing!  Not only are YOU unique, but so is EVERYONE (and everything)!   Enjoy the process of discovering uniqueness everywhere…and find bliss in acknowledging and interacting with spirit.
Want more? Bring Jule to your community for experiential workshops, masterclasses, and Nia Trainings and ignite your uniqueness, and  spirit!   Learn more at http://www.juleinthelotus.com!  Find Nia classes near you at http://www.nianow.com.



The Nia Technique:  The High-Powered, Energizing Workout that Gives You a New Body and a New Life by Debbie Rosas and Carlos Rosas (2004).


You may be moving in your fitness program….but are you “Being Moved”?  Taking your fitness to the next level requires you to bring more of YOU to the experience!  While most exercise programs have you pushing your body with more reps, more resistance, more speed, more duration…being a purely physical experience, you are left feeling dry, stagnant, bored, forced, and watching the clock for it to be over.   Without stealth willpower, this workout regime is not sustainable.

But what if…what if your movement practice was FUN?!! …more embodied with ‘You”?!!  What if, in addition to pumping your heart, strengthening your muscles, burning calories, trimming your waistline…you felt ALIVE?!! THIS is how we roll in Nia! 

Nia post 2Nia is a LIVING, INTEGRATIVE-WHOLE-BEING experience!  When you bring the dynamic of expression to your workout, movement, and LIFE, you exponentially amp EVERYTHING ..making every movement more real, more authentic…using more dynamic force, burning more calories, breathing harder, sweating more, and feeling more vibrant!

By employing emotional expression to your movement practice, you create uniquely personalized, whole-body engagement!  Try it now!

  • Make a fist and punch forward.
  • Now, make a fist, punch forward, and dynamically  express a Jackie Chan, “Hai!”  Feel the difference?  Notice how  MORE of you and your body was engaged?
  • Now, thrust your fist to the sky.  Do it again and proclaim to the world, “YES!”  Wow!  Now how would you like to be able to consciously bring more “YES!” into your body and life?

Expressing yourself seems like a really simple concept…and it is…but so many people have stopped ‘getting emotional’!  Logic, propriety, ‘not making a scene’, has taken over ever since we stepped in to our first grade school class where we were told to sit still, be quiet, speak when spoken to, etc.  But all emotions live inside us and their only way out is through expression!  When we stifle them, the emotions become energetic blocks that create imbalance and sometimes even disease!

Nia 12-6-13 take a cue from Nia Technique and express yourself to gain, not only a more vigorous workout, but to experiment, explore, and experience YOU fully embodying YOU through emotional expression (not only on the mat, but in your life too)!

Here are 8 ways to activate emotional expression into your fitness and life practice!

  1. Test your emotional vocabulary.  At any given moment, ask yourself, “what am I feeling right now?”  Tag it.  Name it….and move on (or in my world…put on some music and dance it out!).  Being present enough to be able to identify your emotions at any given moment is a strong indicator that you are in touch with your relationship to your feelings and emotions.  Your ability to express your feelings creates intimacy…you with yourself…and you with those around you.
  2. But what if you get stuck in one, two, or just a handful of emotions with vary little variety….or are not able to even identify how you feel?  Worry not, my friend!  This happens to many people!  The way we condition our relationship to our emotions is to play with them!  Try using an Emotions Chart like this one shown on Pinterest. Use this chart to either identify your feelings…or simply choose an emotion from the chart and ‘play’ with trying it on and expressing it.  Try this… walk across the room, or dance, using the emotion of ‘anxious’.  Now try on ‘bashful’.  How about ‘confident’ or ‘excited’?  Do you sense how infusing your movement with emotional expression really amplifies the energy dynamics of the experience?  Notice how you are able to use just the movement quality to express the emotion…and other times you use vocalization!  This practice helps you to condition what we call, “emotional pliability”….the ability to access, activate, and express a wide range of emotions without getting stuck on a single one.  Children are naturals with emotional pliability…being able to go effortlessly from happy, to sad, to agitated, to curious very naturally.
  3. Consciously know that there are no “bad” emotions.  All emotions represent vital life-force energy  and should be expressed, not repressed, to instill a healthy body, authentic movement, and emotional well-beingness.
  4. Nia Man your arms, hands, and fingers to express.  (In fact, try NOT using your arms, hands, and fingers to express and notice how challenging it is!)  This is one of the gifts of our upper extremities.  They are designed to communicate feelings, emotions, and expression!  Say, “I love you” without using your arms and hands.  It’s flat, isn’t it?  Now say, “I love you” and use your arms and hands to express what you are feeling.  Much better, right?  Now try, “I won!” without using your extremities.  Now again, WITH your arms, hands, and finger expressions!  Totally authentic, yes?  Integrating this kind of expression within your movement practice will prolifically condition your upper body, authenticate your movement to reflect what is real with in you, and instill integrated health in the physical and emotional realms.
  5. Pair vocalizations such as, “yes”, “no”, “ahhhhhh”, “hai!”, etc. with your movement to engage and integrate both the physical and the emotional body.
  6. LAUGH out loud for 60 seconds.  Sense the physical engagement of the core of the body (yes your abs)…and, likewise, know that the act of laughing also releases neurochemistry that literally makes you feel good!   So the next time you sit down and get ready to do 100 crunches…instead, just LAUGH OUT LOUD for a minute…you’ll have more fun….and feel GREAT!
  7. Pay attention to your physical posture…it ‘speaks’ of your emotional status.  For example, slumped shoulders are indicative of a depressed mood….a barrel chest communicates over(false)-confidence…eyes down, shy….shoulders scrunched to ears, fear…  Consciously choose your body posture to express how you want to share yourself with the world.
  8. FEEL to HEAL.  Having a healthy relationship to your emotions is THE JUICE of living fully and authentically in your body and life.  You are here, now, on this earth to live totally and completely into your greatness.  Part of what makes you, uniquely ‘YOU’ is your authenticity, your emotional expression, your essence!  Recognize, feel, and express all that is in you as a means to be free…to be full-on YOU…to not hold back your multidimensional, kaleidoscopic  life force…and to fully express the authenticity of each and every moment…on the dance floor…and off…

So there you have it!  Eight ‘toys’ to play with to enhance your emotional expression, pump more ‘juice’ into your life, and going from just ‘moving’…to ‘Being Moved’!.


**As with any new activity, or if you are having joint or bleeding problems, make sure you check with your physician or therapist to be sure you are ready to get started.

Want more? Bring Jule to your community for experiential workshops and masterclasses…or consider taking the Nia White Belt Training to actualize the Nia Practice into your body and life!   Learn more! 

Find Nia Technique classes near you!

*Jule presented The Nia Technique at HFA’s Symposium in Dallas, Texas!  Check us out next year at the 2014 Symposium in Tampa, Fla!


About the Author

Jule A - headshot

Jule Aguirre, M.Ed., LPC, NCC, is a member of the International Nia Training Faculty as Black Belt Somatic Educator + Trainer. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Jule MOVES body-mind integrators, urban athletes & adventurers in wellness with her unique approach to blending conscious movement, body-mind awareness, and integrative psychotherapy to dynamically stimulate change and transformation through her trainings, classes, workshops and private sessions!

As a Licensed & Nationally Certified Psychotherapist, Jule’s gift is being able to integrate the wisdom of Nia with her counseling techniques to form an integrative, therapeutic program of wellness, healing & personal power for participants of her work. Jule works privately with individuals seeking personal growth, self-actualization, transformation & integration of all parts of the self.


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